Digital Narrative Games

First game: Spent

While playing the game, I thought I made the correct decision and was able to save money at one point, but even if I did so, I faced other problems like if I skipped paying the electricity bill, it would actually increase next month and pile up.

I got to learn and witness how people suffer day to day and have to live on a budget. They have to make the most out of what they have and live with it, to support themselves and their families.

The only way I would actually improve the game, if maybe the questions were a bit shorter, but rather than that I really enjoyed the game.

Second game: BBC Syrian Refugees

While playing the game, I felt like I had to be very careful of every decision I made in order to survive, and that sometimes I had to make huge sacrifices like killing someone just to survive

I got to learn that sometimes in life a person has to make decisions that they don’t want to make, but if they don’t not only will they just suffer financially, but maybe even die. it is difficult, but I believe that a person should never be judged unless he was put in the same position before.

To improve this game, I believe that the design could be a bit better and more appealing to play.

Third game: September 7th 2020

While playing this game I felt, as if the decisions or choices I had were easy, but when I thought of it, or actually viewed the result of my choice, I found out that the decisions weren’t that easy, because there weren’t actually many options. So you had to make a decision and accept the consequences.

I learned that its not always easy to make a decision when under stress or suffering from a problem like the case of cover 19 during that time, and sometimes you need to sacrifice one thing for the other, and just live with these consequences and try to adapt, and push through it.

To improve this game, I recommend that the last page of questions or choices is a bit more clearer, because I was actually confused not knowing if the game ended or should I choose one of the choices which actually took me to another new game.

Fourth game: Sleep deprived mom game

While playing the game, I usually though I made the correct choice, until I realize that the choice I made maybe deprived me from sleep, or to help my daughter I actually limited my sleep, which backfired on me. Hence, this was very stressful.

I got to see how mothers usually suffer everyday from sleep deprivation, and see the sacrifices they make in order to help and please their child. This made me appreciate what my mother actually has been doing for me for the past 21 years, without even complaining about it, and be grateful for her.

To improve this game, I would just ad visuals to make the game appeal more and look attractive.

Fifth game: Second hand depression

While playing this game I got more frustrated as the questions went on, where the husband became too much to handle at some point, and it was time to fight back and express my own emotions towards him.

I got to learn that not every relationship is perfect, and has struggles, but each partner should try to what he or she can to make things work out. Whether that is to listen or sympathize with your partner.

To improve this game, I would make some of the feedback on questions shorter, as it was kind of boring to read all of that.

Sixth game: Losing a parent

I really got emotional while playing this game, because I almost went through something similar actually the same as the game says in 2016, and it was a terrifying thing to think about. I feel like I can relate to the person in the game in so many ways, in terms of actions and thinking, which is very rare for me.

I got to learn that every person processes grief differently, where some like to talk about it and others don’t. It is important to sympathize with a person when went through something like this, and be there for them, as well as, encourage them to look past it at some point.

To improve the game, I would only just add visuals to make it more appealing, but rather than that, I enjoyed it.

These games were very different in what they actually made me feel, where some games like second hand depression made me frustrated, while another game like losing a parent made me feel sad and got me emotional. Other games like sleep deprived moms got me stressed on how moms handle things and have to make hard choices, while the September 7th game got me confused in a way, and made my head spin. Most games didn’t contain visuals, which wasn’t the best thing, however the games that actually contained visuals and pictures like second hand depression, which made it more interesting and made me want to continue playing.

If I would create a game it would be something that makes some people relate and understand that they are not the only people struggling like the game of losing a parent.So it may be something regarding a persons social class and how people in a more upper class society treat him or something like an introvert person being thrown into a situation where he or she has to be more open and sociable.

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